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Credit and Resources System


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Jun 22, 2021
Dear WorldOfPlayout Forum Members,

we would like to notify you about a new important decision that we have decided. We have added a download database named Resource Manager and a Credit System to our community.
The Resources Manager is credit based Download System. Each members is able to add and offer/sell their own download resources for a certain credits amount.
All other members have to pay the amount to get the download link. The source owner will earn the credits from the sales and the credit goes to credit wallet.

How to get credits ?

You get the credits in different ways.
  1. Add/Sale Download Resources to the Resources Manager and earn credits from your resources
  2. Basic Events (please note: this amounts are valid at the moment, we can add new events and change the credit amounts for the events):
Register = 2 Credit
Daily Login = 1 Credit
Birthday = 3 Credit
Create New Thread = 2.0 Credit
Thread get Deleted = -2.0 Credit
Sell with Credit
Buy with credit
You always can check your wallet:


Important Informations for new and old download resources!

  • Please add all your new sources (downloads, apps, scripts) to the Resources Manager.
  • This very important to earn your credits also in the future.

Credit amount and resources mirroring?

Every one is free to define the credit amount. If someone copy the your source link and add it as source with lower price, you can report it. In this case:
1. the copied resource will be remove
2. the member which copy and put your source with lower credit, will get banned
3. all the earned likes and credits will be remove from his account

Please note, a mirror with same content on a different file hosted and the same credit amount is allowed, if the first (original) poster of the resource does not explicitly prohibit it

Responsibility and credit refund for resources

We are not responsible for member contents and doesn't guarantee 100% functionality of the resources.
The Members has to check the resource ratings and read previous discussions before they pay and download the resource.
For a refund the member has to be get contact directly the author of the resource.

Purchase Credits

It is possible to buy credits again. You can purchase credits
As example if you pay 75 $ you will get 850 Credits. >> Purchase Now <<
credit it has to be approved manually so it takes few hours to be activated

Allowed Payment Method

1: Wise.com payment email is:
2: Skrill.com payment email is:
3: Western Union
PM me for western union detail.
4: Binance USDT
PM for Binance payment detail.

Credit Price List .

075 $ >> 0750+100 = 0850 Credits

100 $ >> 1000+200 = 1250 Credits

125 $ >> 1250+400 = 1650 Credits

150 $ >> 1500+800=2300 Credits
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VIP Member
Jun 22, 2021
Hi, I am interested in purchasing Metus Ingest at the price 200$. How can I make the payment? Thank You
Hi thank You for interested..
You can pay via
Binance usd
And western union..
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